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09th Grade English I Summer Reading Assignment

10th Grade English II Summer Reading Assignment

11th Grade English III Summer Reading Assignment

12th Grade English IV Summer Reading Assignment

2021-2022 AP & Honors Summer Assignments

2022-2023 AP Summer Assignments

2022-2023 High School Academic Guides & Course Catalog

2022-2023 High School Handbook

2022-223 Student & Parent Handbook

2023-2024 High School Academic Guides & Course Catalog

Advancement Event Calendar

Advancement Times (Newsletter)

Back-To-School Playbook

Bell Schedule 2022-23

Bully/Harassment Report Form



Houston North District Academic Calendar

HS of Advancement - 2022-2023 Syllabus

HSA Parent & Family Engagement Policy

HSA Parent Compact

Manual para Estudiantes y Padres de Familia 2022-2023 (Español)

Menu: Lunch & Breakfast

Monthly Menu

National Honor Society

NewsCast (YouTube)

Online Store 1 (French Toast): Student Polo Uniforms

Online Store 2 (Best in Class): Student Supply Packages

Online Store 3 (Positive Promotions): Spirit Shirts, PE Uniforms, Backpacks, Lunch Bags and more....

Parent Support - Schoology

School Report Card

Student and Parent Handbook

Student Center and Counselor's Corner

Student Support - Schoology